The Leah True Biography

Hi !
Thank-you for taking your time to have a look around my website. Apart from the various
sections of the site, there are currently over 400 pictures to view, either of myself or my
totally wonderful girlfriend Sue. You'll find some pictures of my friends in the Ibiza
section....that's what happens when you win Miss Alternative London 2001/2 !

A few facts about myself: I'm a petite 5' 8" or 173cm in new money, and 30 years old.
I am also a model for Pandora De'Pledge Image Works where I am available solely as a
model, please do not for any other services! More details of this can be found by
clicking here.

I'd like to take the time to thank some people. Firstly, my wonderful girlfriend Sue who
has been totally supportive and loving, I love you! Secondly to my 'mother' Andrea Hillaire
for getting my first website off the ground, also to Robert Smith (also known as
Alison Dale) from Image Works and re-writing the whole of the site in to what you see
now. And certainly not forgetting Pandora De'Pledge (Robert's better half) for being a
fabulous friend, keeping my hair looking amazing and making me look so wonderful in a
recent shoot. You can see the pictures from this recent shoot by clicking here.

Click here for Main Gallery and pictures of SueClick here for Andrea's websiteClick here for Alison's websiteClick here for Pandora's website

I'm quite used to being in front of a camera and nearly all of the pictures you'll find on this
site is my own work. I use an Olympus Camedia E10 digital camer, timer, lighting unit
and flash to achieve my picture results. It has a 4 Mega-pixel resolution.

Only recently was I approached by Pandora De'Pledge Image Works for a modelling
opportunity. With the combined talents of Image Works, WayOut Publishing and
The House of Drag,
a free transgendered magazine celebrating a fabulous lifestyle has
been produced, called "UTTERLY FABULOUS". You'll find an exclusive interview of me
inside conducted by Pandora herself.
Click to enlarge!
"UTTERLY FABULOUS" is a quarterly publication.
Issue 1 is now on release from the end of August 2002.
Click on the picture to view a full-size image.

Topics covered in the first issue include:
Alternative Miss London - Leah True
The Lavender £ Pound - How will you spend yours?
Fashion - Lets go shopping
Reviews - Lets go to the theatre
Events - Richard O'Brien's Transfandango Ball

By adding your name & address in to the 'comments' box on my contact page, you will
receive this full colour magazine by post totally free of charge. Also included will be a
free Image Works A4 flyer with their latest updates and price list. There is absolutely
NO CHARGE, just send us your name and address!

Prior to this, I have been the front cover & centre spread model for Repartee (Issue 36).
Click on the picture to view a full-size image.
Click to enlarge!
Thank-you again for reading this, more pictures, videos & information will be added from
time to time. You can see what videos I have to view by clicking here.
This site was last updated on: 3rd September 2002.

Lots of love, Leah True. XXX.


Only introduced at the beggining of September 2002, Leah True
in association with Pandora De'Pledge Image Works is proud to
present the Leah True Slide Show CD-ROM !

Packed with over 500 hi-res images of Leah & Sue, every
connoisseur of the transgendered form will want a piece of Leah!
Every picture featured in Leah's web galleries will be there and
much, much more.

Place the CD-ROM in to your computer, sit back, and watch the
show. You can also view the images in almost any art package,
totally PC and MAC compatible.


All of the CD-ROM images are uncompressed JPG's and most
of which are over 2000 pixels high. Click here for an example.
The image example has been scaled down to 600 pixels high
and optomized 10% for the web, unlike the CD contents!

The CD-ROM is retailing for £15 through Image Works and can
only be obtained currently by cheque. The £15 price is only
applicable to mainland UK residents. Please add £2.50 p&p for
any non-UK deliveries. Equivalent foreign cheque amounts are
accepted. Merchandise will only be despatched once payment
has cleared. If you have any questions, please email us.
Click here for currency conversion.

Click here to launch an on-line web form to fill out and send
to Image Works for your Leah True Slide Show CD-ROM.
Once the form is displayed either copy or print the details and
send to Pandora De'Pledge Image Works.

It is expressly forbidden that the copyrighted material contained
on the Leah True Slide Show CD-ROM shall be used for any
purposes other than that of personal use only.